European Windows

European Windows

PVC profiles guaranty that your windows remain hermetic in the time of it use, and also in joints with building walls.

Scandinavian Windows

Scandinavian Windows

Our PVC windows is about: authentic design, 120mm frame, groove 10×10, four swing options, good insulation value.



On the one hand it should underline the character of the house, and on the other it must provide a high degree of security.



Modern insulated glass units are produced with selective glass coating which gives better features.


Roof windows

VELUX has supplied high-quality roof windows for over 60 years. With product features that are second-to-none, you’ll enjoy the ideal combination of lots of daylight, fresh air and a clear view – creating the perfect environment for your home.

VELUX Roof Window 

Original centre-pivot roof window
with the unique top control bar for
easy operation.
The top control bar makes it very easy
to open and close the window even with
furniture placed directly below.



Get the benefits of a centre-pivot window

Ventilate your home without
opening the window

Let air in without opening the window -
good for rainy days, and ensure a healthy indoor environment.

The unique, integrated VELUX ventilation flap
lets in fresh air through a dust and insect filter even when the window is closed.



An unique top control bar for easy operation

The top operation makes it very easy to open and close the window. Suitable for most solutions and particularly recommended for within reach applications.

Space saving

Option to position furniture directly below without obstructing to open and close the window.

Safe and easy to clean

Safe to clean the outside pane from the inside by rotating the sash 180° and locking the window with the barrel bolt.

Your VELUX Roof Windows are supported by a 10 year guarantee.